Cabin Excavation and Rock Walls

When the mountains are calling, you must go! Southern Utah has several stunning locations for mountain properties. For property owners and contractors building new cabins, remodeling a property, or updating landscaping on a mountain lot, Rock On Walls & Falls can offer the excavation work you need.

Our expert excavation services include necessary work for laying a new foundation, leveling the land, and constructing rock retaining walls for the eroding landscape.

Some of our mountain service areas include:

  • Panguitch Lake
  • Duck Creek
  • Cedar Mountain
  • Kolob
  • Pine Valley

Call or contact us for cabin excavation! Request your free estimate from our experienced team today.

Excavation Work for Cabins

Before you step foot into your new mountain retreat or remodeled cabin, call Rock On Walls & Falls for excavation work such as:

  • New cabin construction and remodels excavation
  • Foundation excavation
  • Driveway excavation
  • Basement excavation
  • Pool excavation
  • Retaining wall excavation
  • Grading and backfilling
  • Land clearing
  • House/cabin pad preparation
  • Excavation cleanup

We’ll make sure everything is in place for a smooth cabin construction process as well as a cabin remodeling or landscaping project. Our Southern Utah excavation contractors know their soil and know how to make light work of heavy lifting when it comes to preparing a site for foundations, basements, pools, and more.

To ensure our high-quality work, every project is overseen by our excavation company’s owner, Cody. He and the rest of our contractors are licensed and insured so that your project is a success from the ground up.

Rock Walls for Cabins

As part of our cabin excavation services, Rock On Walls & Falls can construct rock walls and water drainage for cabins on sloping hills. Our carefully engineered rock retaining walls hold back tough terrain while creating a great-looking feature for your cabin’s landscaping. We construct natural rock walls including free-standing walls made of lava rocks. Learn more about our rock walls here.

Get in touch with us to get an estimate for rock wall and excavation work for cabins near Panguitch Lake, Duck Creek, Cedar Mountain, Kolob, Pine Valley, and surrounding areas. We look forward to getting your site ready and perfected for the ultimate mountain cabin!