Rock Retaining Walls Excavation and Construction in St George UT


Looking to help prevent your yard from eroding away with new rock retaining walls? Or maybe your interest in retaining walls is purely for visual purposes to enhance your landscaping? Whatever the case may be, Rock On Walls & Falls Rock is here to help. We are the excavation and landscaping experts to call when you need new retaining walls. Our years of experience have taught us how to install engineered rock retaining walls that are guaranteed to retain the toughest terrain. Plus, with our artistic touch, they’ll look great too!

Unlike larger excavation companies or contractors in St. George and Southern Utah, we give your project the attention it deserves. Our team will show up promptly and get the job done on schedule, without sacrificing our signature standard of quality.

Call us today for a free estimate and a rock-solid finish to your retaining walls.

Excavation Work for Rock Walls

We provide complete rock retaining wall services, from excavation and land clearing to final construction for your beautiful and strongly-built structure. Before building a rock wall, our local excavation company will complete:

  • Rock Wall Excavation: After finding the ideal spot for your rock retaining wall, we’ll clear out all trees, lawn, rocks, and anything else standing in the way. We’ll dig out and excavate the necessary dimensions for the natural rock wall, including room for a drainage pipe to allow for water flow.
  • Ground Leveling: Without level ground to stand on, natural rock walls are less steady and won’t last as long. As experienced excavators, our work with St. George and Southern Utah soil has taught us how to level a site for retaining walls just the way you need so that walls hold their ground and last for years.
  • New Home and Existing Residential Excavation: Our excavation services for retaining walls are not limited to just existing homes in St. George, UT. We also excavate for new home construction sites in the surrounding area. We’ll work with building developers to construct your retaining walls in a timely manner as your home is being built.

Rock Retaining Walls

Once excavation work is complete, we can begin building a rock wall for your Southern Utah home! Call us for durable retaining walls built with natural rock, including free-standing natural rock walls built with large lava boulders.

We’ve excavated for and constructed natural rock retaining walls across St. George and Southern Utah. Our guarantee is a solid structure that holds back erosion and serves its purpose well as a retaining wall, while also enhancing your landscaping. Contact us today to receive a free estimate for the dimensions and type of rock retaining wall you envision for your property.

Southern Utah Retaining Wall Pros

After you’ve chosen the type of rock wall you want, we will begin construction. Our highly-rated excavation company in St. George, UT will use the unique layout of your yard to build natural rock walls and retaining walls that flow seamlessly with the rest of your landscaping. We are proud to provide the people of St. George and Southern Utah with affordable, high-quality service guaranteed. Being locally owned and operated, we can dedicate more personal service to your project that it deserves.

Call or contact our residential excavation team and rock retaining wall professionals to learn more!